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Hello BNI Business Owners.

I wanted to say thanks to all who participated in the National Conference last month.

I want to offer special mention to Gerald Kong and the Committee. It was our most successful Conference and with Mac Srinivasan present, the BNI President Asia Pacific, it was good to show the World what we can do in Malaysia!

The Speakers shared a wealth of knowledge and ideas. Let's use this to raise the bar even higher.

We are among the top 10 Countries for Green across the board on World Traffic lights, and we have 2 Chapters in the top 10 in the World too.

So it was a fitting moment for me to start the process of stepping down. It will be a few months before that is done so I am still National Director for a while. Mac has helped to effect the change.

I am delighted to announce that Marcus Hwang will be the new National Director. He has great passion and energy for BNI.

Let's all support  him and focus on making Malaysia in the top 10 Countries.

I see huge potential to take BNI to all the Communities now we have delivery in 3 languages.

It remains for me to say that I am proud of the what we have achieved. I wish you all prosperity and happiness.



Robert French


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