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Hello BNI Business World.

This is a good moment to wish all our Muslim Colleagues a happy Aidilfitri.

You will be refreshed and renewed, with the month of fasting now complete. Visiting the PJ Hilton in KL we saw the Dining laid out for 700 to celebrate the festivities. We wish you a happy Celebration.

I was lucky enough this week to visit Malaysia's largest Chapter with 101 Members. It is Dynamic Chapter who recorded RM 24.8 m in the last 6 months, SUPER impressive!  Well done to all especially the Leadership for managing an enterprise turning over RM 50 million per annum. YM Tan was superb as the Chapter President, it all ran to time, and the 12 Guests just loved it.

I was fortunate to be given 10 minutes at the end to spread some inspiration. I think it was ME who was inspired.

My message was simple:

• Develop and share your "Dream" Referral, the one which makes you anxious when you get it, once you pluck up courage to ask for it! Once you get it, then get an even bigger Dream Referral!

• Take the Traffic Lights seriously. 8,000 Chapters run them every month! A few more points every month will double your return, and soon you will be a "Green" Member. Don't be surprised if Members from other countries contact you to do Business! They likely will ask your Traffic Colour and only deal with Green Members.

• Work on great Relationships. Use Open Networking to get to know the new Members, and ones you don't know well. Always arrive early, late Members miss so much, especially saying Hi to the Guests. And finally, become your Power Team's most dependable Member.

None this takes any more of your time, but it does require a positive attitude!!!


See you at our National Conference in a few weeks! Book now to avoid disappointment, as we will be oversubscribed this year.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir & Batin

Robert French ND
Marcus Hwang Assistant ND.


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